Cambridge University Railway Club E-mail List Guidelines

As from 1st January 2003, CURC has the following e-mail lists configured for our use. Given the recent debate which has taken place, there follow details of each list, along with guidelines of what the committee consider appropriate traffic.

1. Announcements List (announcements)

This list is for official Club information only, including notice of meetings, visits and other events, and hence only authorised committee members can post to it. It is expected that everyone will be on this list.

2. General List (curc)

This list is for club members' use, and can be posted to by anyone on it. It can and should be used to circulate local railway news, such as time and details of special workings, and to discuss it. If you would prefer not to receive this sort of information, please contact the Secretary asking to be on only the announcements list.

3. Committee List (committee)

This list is used for planning Club events (much quicker and more convenient than holding committee meetings...especially when the Secretary is in Leeds!). It can only be posted to by the people on it; anyone else with suggestions (which are welcome) or news for the committee should contact a committee member.

Problems sending to the list?

  • Check that you were trying to send to the general (curc) list, not the announcements list.
  • If you have more than one email address, the system has no way of knowing that they are all the same person, and by default will only recognise the address actually on the list as allowed to send to it; if you wish to have another address also recognised please contact the Secretary.